Year: 2020

  1. Education
10 Predictors of Student Academic Achievement: A Review of University Students Motivation for Learning in Liberia Introduction What if academic decision-makers could predict at the point of admission that a student has the requisite motivating traits to be academically successful? If so, what specific motivating factors could be used to predict the student’s level of […]
  1. Politics
Panoramic View of African Democracy:      “A Glass Half Full” By Jesse N. Mongrue Introduction The map above demonstrates that there is still a long way to go for full democratic process in Africa. Research findings about reform efforts placed African countries in six categories: full democracy, flawed democracy, hybrid regimes, authoritarian regimes, failed […]
  1. Education
Pan-Africanism and Higher Education: The Role of Black Institutions of Higher Learning in the Fights for Racial Equality By Thierno Thiam & Gilbert Rochon August 31, 2019   Like the black church and the black press, the role of black institutions of higher learning does indeed go beyond the civil rights movements and extends to the Pan-African struggle.  Like […]